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welcome to rikkir

We make unique mobile and desktop applications.

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We offer a unique scientific software experience from our team of elite developers, designers, and artists.

We perform user experience research, develop branding, and user analytics to ensure you receive a well loved product.

Our mobile Wellness Application - Moodie!

We are in beta testing stages of one of the most sophisticated Mental Wellness Application that helps detect early warning signs of Anxiety and Depression symptoms. With our new age technological approach with machine learning AI and alogrithims we are helping people control their emotions better.

State of the art tech

We are using next generation technology and psychological techniques to help our users reach their mental wellness goals.

Unique Features

With a unique user experience like no other, we make every event engaging and fulfilling.

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Happy Housing Games

To give back to our communities we decided to do something noble with our programming talents so we built some games.  Every time you play one of our mobile games the money generated is given back to the community to people in need.

We are trying to do something good with gaming and show the world that people can make a difference. The more people you share this idea with the more money is raised.

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